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Tclxml package

Tclxml package

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All of the packages released by the TclXML project are open source and a number of developers contribute and help maintain them. SourceForge provides . The goal of the TclXML package is to provide an API for Tcl scripts that allows " Plug-and-Play" parser implementations; ie. an application will be able to use. TclXML, TclDOM and TclXSLT. This package provides XML parsers, DOM scripting and XSL Transformations for Tcl. In previous distributions, these features.

30 Nov There have been some people having problems loading the TclDOM and TclXML packages into Safe interpreters. The problem is that the safe. Package: tclxml (~svn) [universe] Download Source Package tclxml: [ tclxml_~svndsc] Resources: Homepage [wristbehavior.com]. TclXML is a package that provides XML, DOM, and XSLT parsing for the Tcl tcl- tclxmlfcaarchhtml, XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting.

tclxml source package in Ubuntu Adjust packaging to new upstream. * New upstream version Increase epoch to drop ~ prereleases. The TclXML package provides a generic interface for use by a Tcl application, along with a low-level interface for use by a parser implementation. Upstream info. Summary: XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting language. Description: TclXML is a package that provides XML parsing for the Tcl scripting. They all depend on the base tclxml package which contains all of the documentation files. I'm inclined to ignore this rpmlint warning. The other rpmlint warnings. tcl-tclxml - XML parsing library for the Tcl scripting language. Distribution: Fedora Repository: Fedora x86_ Package name: tcl-tclxml. Package version:

This package uses the TCL XML package to parse XML documents, and uses the Tree package to produce a hierachical representation of the XML document. To provide support for XML documents a Tcl package has been developed, imaginatively called "TclXML". This package includes a validating parser, as well as. Package {__tclxml } Base @[email protected] Desc {Internal package, file list} Hidden {} Path libTclxmlso Path wristbehavior.com Path sgmltcl Path sgml tcl. provides a standard API for Tcl applications to process a XML or HTML document . TclXML is a Tcl package which provides a sample implementation of TclDOM.


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